Now Offering Covalence Child Watch


Here at Covalence we offer a safe, clean and friendly childcare to those who want to get fit without the worry of missing a WOD because they can’t find a sitter. The watch area will be in a whole corner and closely supervised by a CF Covalence Staff Member. This gives you the opportunity to work out and know your kids are in good hands!


Hours of Operation

M-W-F 12:30pm


Policy:  This ensures the safety of all children and members of CrossFit Covalence. Please use your best judgment of whether or not your child should be dropped off. If you have any questions please don’t be hesitate to ask!


1.     No child may be dropped off if showing signs/symptoms of an illness.

2.     Absolutely NO Snacks are to be in the watch area.  This ensures the safety of those who may have food allergies.

3.      Babies ages 6 months and up.

4.     All Children have to be signed in and signed out by the parent only.

5.     Parents MUST remain on premises at all times.