Every great gym starts with an awesome story and Covalence is no different. We have created a comfortable fitness atmosphere that started with a single friendship: Dan and Johnny.


The Early Days

The owners met in high school, where they grew up in a suburb of Chicago, and have been best friends ever since. They've done everything from high school football to enlisting in the military together. Dan and Johnny's friendship has been nothing short of a brotherhood surrounded by fitness in every aspect. They graduated from Ft. Benning, Georgia  together in 2005, then returned to the same unit to be in the same platoon.



The College Days

Once returning from Basic Training they went off to the same colleges while maintaining their "Weekend Warrior" Reserve status. They ended up moving to Lexington to cheer for the University of Kentucky. They did so until Dan deployed to Afghanistan and Johnny went Active Duty, all the while keeping in contact regularly. During Dan's deployment in 2010 he was introduced to CrossFit and immediately shared this with Johnny. After Dan's deployment he decided to continue school in Illinois while Johnny stayed active duty in Kentucky.


Cultivating Covalence

Johnny was now stationed in Louisville while Dan trained CrossFit in Illinois. Johnny found a building that he loved and needed an excuse to persuade his best friend to move back to Kentucky so they partnered to start a gym from scratch with very little experience running a business. The only catch is they would have to live inside the gym's small 2nd story loft until the gym got off the ground. Of course this is only a pact that could be made by best friends but they knew it would work if they put their hearts and soul into growing the best gym in Louisville!


Since 2010 Johnny and Dan have loved CrossFit and it's ability to grow friendships into family. Now days they own and operate CrossFit Covalence entirely every day. This has always been their dream to work side by side doing what they love and this shows on the floor when they are coaching everyday.